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About us

Based in Atlanta, GA, The Atlanta Cleaning Company provides high quality commercial janitorial and cleaning services for churches, offices, commercial facilities and more.  We have a team with over 10 years of experience in commercial cleaning.

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Office and Commercial cleaning

  • Carpet cleaning: our green carpet cleaning methods and practices are designed to thoroughly clean and sanitize carpets, removing allergens, dander, and dirt, without leaving any harsh chemicals behind.
  • Floor maintenance: mopping, stain removal, and more including specialized care and maintenance solutions for hardwood and marble flooring. Window, desktop, and surface cleaning and dusting: we keep your windows, desks, and other surfaces clean, dust-free, and professional-looking
  • Cubical and workstation cleaning: A clean workstation is a happy workstation.

Full Janitorial services

  • Restroom cleaning and sanitizing: For your health, and the health of your employees and clients
  • Office kitchen cleaning: to keep your break room and kitchen germ-free
  • Waste removal: *************

Treat Yourself To A Clean Healthy Place

Every workplace is different. Each has its own set of challenges. At The Atlanta Cleaning Company, our service providers are specifically trained in a broad range of cleaning facility services to meet the needs of diverse work environments as well as specific types of businesses.

Avail Our Services In The Following Areas

Schools Cleaning

Keeping Your Students Healthy. Schools present unique challenges in terms of their day to day cleaning, and we’ve come up with a system to address these challenges. We disinfect surfaces that spread these germs- door handles, water fountains, light switches, and so on.

Car Dealerships

The Cleaning Company has the experience to make your dealership shine and we know that first impressions are important when it comes to new buyers. That’s why we make sure those customers areas are polished daily– door handles and brightwork, glass partitions, window sills and baseboards, and of course the restrooms need to look and smell clean, every day


Not only are churches a place of worship, but often a school, a meeting place, a dining hall, and the heart and hub of many people and neighborhoods. Changing schedules and last-minute events occur often, so it’s imperative that the communication lines are well established with their cleaning company. The Atlanta Cleaning Co has multiple communication venues to facilitate exchanging information–email, cell phones, and texting. We make it easy to get in touch with our on-site supervisors in a timely manner. We are flexible and there when you need us to be.

Offices Cleaning

At The Atlanta Cleaning Co our professional and highly trained staff are dedicated to cleaning your office space so that it’s a better, healthier and more productive place to work.

We Promise You

To serve you the highest quality janitorial service and cleaning service. There is no job too large or too small, and you can rest assured that your facility is being cared for by drug-free & background checked cleaning professionals that take pride in their work

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100% Satisfaction

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  • Schools Cleaning​
  • Commercial Cleaning​
  • Local Stores​ Cleaning
  • Office Cleaning​